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"Kettle Korn" is an age-old tradition brought to life in the 1800's by a Missouri farmer. German immigrants used to pop corn in their large cast iron kettles after a day of rendering lard from hogs. They would then add honey, molasses or sugar to sweeten their freshly popped treat.

We still use iron kettles to pop in, however we have streamlined the "popper" for commercial use and refined the process to ensure purity and little waste and improve nutritional value - its really healthy for you!

Using quality corn, soybean oil, sugar and dusted with different blends of salt. We stir the popping corn with a wooden paddle, which helps the kernels explode into huge, fluffy popcorn. We turn out the finished product into a large copper receiving kettle and sell our korn in individual bags which will stay fresh for 2-3 weeks when properly sealed.

Since this tradition of popping corn is an age-old art, we dress in western clothing, our tent is similar to an old "cowboy cook tent " and we make an entertaining show out of our popcorn production. 

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